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For the last three years public works has been collaborating with Atelier d'Architecture Autogérée (AAA), on R-Urban an internationally acclaimed professional and citizen initiative of resilient regeneration in Colombes, near Paris and in Hackney Wick, east London.

AAA along with many local, national and international collaborators established this unique project consisting of an urban agriculture site 'Agrocite' and a recycling centre 'Recyclub'. The new municipal government of Colombes wants to replace R-Urban with a temporary car park and destroy this exemplary project as soon as September 2015.

We urgently need all your help to stop this from happening and persuade the municipality and other interested authorities to preserve this project. Please sign the petition, circulate in your networks and get people to support R-Urban.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE & CIRCULATE! ... and don't forget to write a reasons for your support along with your signature.

#saveRURBAN - Réseau de pratiques citoyennes résilientes from atelier d'architecture autogérée on Vimeo.

- Thanks you all for you support -

Travelling across networks

Our publication - BEYOND RECEIVED WISDOM - is slowly dissaminating through different networks. We were especially pleased when Tom Fletcher used it last week to spread his work on food waste in Burssels at an European Union meeting on Reuse.

The 400 copies are flying off the shelf and if you want a hard copy you need to get in touch quickly.
Get in touch if you want a copy - or if you like you can download the pdf here

Or visit our Issuu account to see all R-Urban Wick publications in one place.

Micro Digestion Network

The wonderful and very informed Rokiah Yaman showed us around the Camley Street Natural Park micro anaerobic digester which is currently being installed. It is still in its early stages but the plan is to set up two more micro digesters in Camden and create a small network of waste managers and biogas producers. you can find out more or get in touch with them viat their website. www.creativehealthlab.com

Surplus Food Event

Thank you all for braving the early morning and a ride in the milk float to glean surplus food for a delicious brunch. Special Thanks for Tom Fletcher for the tour and hosting us in his studio.


Harvest, Prepare, Share

Tom Fletcher with the WOW milk float collection surplus food for Rejuce

Chef and waste food specialist Thomas Fletcher will lead a small group to New Spitafield Market where we will collect surplus food. Along the way Tom will give an introduction of his eperience with surplus food which he harvest regularly from the market.

A short cycle ride away in Fish Island Thomas will introduce us to his kitchen nearly entirely made from reclaimed materials where we will turn the collected food into a tasty breakfast. All depending on what ingredients we will find at the market. The breakfast will be shared with a wider public and will start at 10am. You can join us at any time during the day.

We will set off to the market at 7 am from Hackney Wick Station. If you don't want to get up at the crack of down you can join us at Toms kitchen in Fish Island from 10am. Locations below.

Places are limited and RSVP is needed

7.00 AM
Surpluss harvest tour - meet at Hackney Wick Train Station to set off to New Spitafield Market

10.00 AM
Waste food preparations and breakfast at: Unit 1, Vittoria Wharf, 10 Stour Road, London E3 2NT